Babysitter Blunders – How To Restore Good Texas Babysitter Behavior


A Texas babysitter is a valuable asset for many families. But, they must be treated just like any other employee. Many babysitter’s may begin to act out, mostly due to feeling unappreciated. However, you can restore your babysitter’s behavior by treating them right.

Below are the most common babysitter pet peeves:

  • Do Pay – Parents often assume that a babysitter won’t mind staying a few extra hours. While that’s true, they do want to paid be for it. Always pay your babysitter fairly and on-time. Show her you care by offering bonuses, tips and paying for every hour she’s spent with your child.
  • Don’t Give Unclear Directions – Whether you’ve hired a close friend or a professional sitter, you must set clear expectations at the beginning. Communicate what you expect of the sitter, how to do it and what rules she needs to enforce. It makes it easier for everyone involved, including the children.
  • Don’t Hover – Once the sitter arrives, spend a few minutes discussing expectations and routines. But, after that it’s time to leave. Give your children a hug and kiss and leave. A babysitter will often feel that you’re hovering if you hang around for an hour or call to check-in every thirty minutes. The sitter wants you to trust her, so give her a chance. If you are truly worried, make an occasional call to ask how the children are doing.
  • Do Make A Checklist – While you don’t need to make an extravagant checklist, do make sure to include all phone numbers. Jot down the phone number for where you’ll be, cell phone numbers and emergency numbers. In the event of an emergency, it’s frustrating for your sitter to dig through the phone book for these important numbers.
  • Do Tip – While it’s not required to leave your Houston or Dallas babysitter a tip, it is in good taste. Unless you were out for an hour, consider leaving a tip when you return. A good babysitter is hard to find, so cherish the one you have.
  • Do Give Notice – Don’t expect your sitter to drop everything on a short notice. Sure, emergencies happen, but don’t make it regular. Give your sitter at least 24 hours to prepare and make arrangements to watch your children. In addition, if you will be late returning let her know. A simple phone call or text is all that’s required to give your sitter proper notice.
  • Don’t Expect Extra Duties – Unless you have previously discussed extra duties, don’t expect your sitter to go above and beyond. Sure, they’ll pick up after the children when they make a mess under their watch. But don’t expect your sitter to be your maid, personal assistant or gardener.

A sitter is often the lifeblood of a family. However, overtime your sitter may begin to feel unappreciated and less-than-satisfied, to combat this treat your sitter right. The above tips can help you bring back that good Texas babysitter you hired in the beginning. The bottom line is simple; treat your babysitter well and she’ll likely be available in your time of need!