Helping Your Children Overcome Fear Of The Babysitter

Texas-Children-Overcome-Fear-Of-BabysittersHouston, Texas – Children often have an irrational fear of the babysitter. This may due to fear over a new adult in their life or separation anxiety issues. But, whatever the reason is it leaves many parents stressed out over introducing the children to the new babysitter. The best way to prepare children for this transition is to plan ahead. With a bit of time and patience, you can ensure that your children adapt to the babysitter smoothly.

Before introducing your children to the babysitter, take some time to get them used to being “on their own.” Simple techniques can help your child adjust to life, when you aren’t in their sight. Try these techniques, before even hiring a Texas babysitter:

  • Play Peek-a-boo or Hide and Seek – In these games you disappear and reappear, which helps your child to gain confidence and strength that you will, in fact, return.
  • Express Your Love – Let your child know how much you love them. Moreover, let them know that you will miss them dearly while away. Once you return, praise your children by telling them how proud your are and how brave they were. This instills confidence in your children, that you do love them and want the best.
  • Explain and Acknowledge – Tell your children that they will be in the care of someone else. Let them know that this a safe and trusting person, which they can go to when scared or hurt. Acknowledge their fears and explain that it’s okay to be scared, but that everything will be alright.

These are just a few techniques which can get your child used to the idea of a babysitter. However, your children may still be scared when the time comes to actually meet the sitter. Again, planning is key for a smooth transition. Prepare by using these tips and techniques:

  • Give Transition Time – Have the sitter arrive before you leave, it can be 15 minutes or an hour. This transition time allows the children to get to know the babysitter before you leave. Introduce the children to the sitter, let them ask questions and tell them what to expect. This transition time may also lessen temper tantrums when you’re trying to leave.
  • Plan For Fun – Get some of your child’s favorite games, crafts and activities together before you leave. Tell your children that while you’re away, the sitter will play their favorite games with them. Pump them up, make them excited to see the Texas babysitter.
  • Park or Playground – Depending on the time of year, you may ask your sitter to take the children to the park or playground. This is a great way to get children excited, while still being able to leave easily. Tell the children they will be playing at the park with the sitter, this gets them excited. Plus, they’ll be too busy playing with their friends to throw a fit when it’s time for you to depart.
  • Short Outings – When you first introduce your children to the babysitter, only leave for a short time. The shorter time allows the children to adapt to the sitter, while getting used to you being away. As time goes on gradually increase the time you’re away.

Whatever technique you use, it’s important to gain the trust and confidence of your child before leaving. Children may express fear or a general dislike of the babysitter, but it should dissipate over the weeks. If not, try a new technique. Remember, preparation is key for a smooth transition – and happy kids!