Texas Newborns – A Helpful Checklist For Babysitters


Leaving your newborn with a sitter isn’t ideal, but sometimes it has to be done. Aside from ensuring the babysitter is experience with newborns. You must also ensure that the sitter is well-trained and has a good concept of what it takes to care for children – especially newborns. To make it easier on everyone involved, it’s a good idea to leave a checklist for the sitter. This checklist should include vital information to the care of your baby, along with some Texas emergency information.

  • Emergency Information – In the event of an emergency, you will need to ensure that your babysitter has all the information on hand. Included items should cover emergency contacts, nearby hospital addresses, doctor phone numbers, directions and cell phone numbers. It’s also ideal to include phone numbers for poison control, as well as local fire and police departments. In addition, it’s wise to include detailed instructions for basic CPR. Include names of neighbors, detailed information on your location and what time to expect you back.
  • Feeding Instructions – Perhaps the most important part of taking care of a newborn is ensuring they are fed properly. Leave detailed instructions on what to feed your baby and when. Include information about preparing the food and how much to feed. In addition, include burping information and how to tell when your baby is full.
  • Food and Allergies – Make a list of foods that your baby cannot eat, whether it be allergies or stomach issues. Newborns are typically given breast milk, but if you do not breast be sure to leave a list of appropriate substitutes – this is even a good idea if you do.
  • Routine – Newborns typically have a routine for sleeping, eating and changing whether they live in Dallas or Houston. Write down the routine and include expected time frames for naps, feeding and changing times. In addition, leave an estimated return time. If your child has any appointments, list when the appointment is, estimated time frame, doctors office and location. You should also include suggestions such as reading a book, playing music or leaving the TV on for the baby.
  • Bedtime – If you are expecting to be out late, leave your sitter instructions for nightly routines. List what activities you do, such as bathing and feeding. Also list what type of clothing to change your baby into and how much. In addition, write down the estimated time for putting your baby to bed. It’s also wise to let the sitter know what they can and cannot put in the crib such as toys or extra blankets. Depending on how late you will be out, give the babysitter a time frame for checking on your baby – every 15 to 30 minutes is average.
  • Other Info – Newborns are fragile and require lots of care, attention and equipment. As part of your checklist, create a list of where items are located. This can include diapers, wipes, clothing, food and cleaning supplies.The Texas Parents from Dallas to Houston to Austin can find Babysitters here.

To make it easier for parents there are a variety of free online templates for checklists, simply fill in the info and print. Whether leaving for a few hours or overnight, this checklist will help to ensure baby and sitter are safe. If you have any special circumstances like pets or disabled children, inform the babysitter and include these items on the checklist.